Post Concert Parties

We continue our tradition of offering post-concert parties where artists and Chamber Music Columbus members enjoy food, wine and conversation. Our parties depend on members to share in hosting and providing food and wine.

Reservations are a requirement. The sign up window is two weeks ahead of the concert. The deadline for signups is the Wednesday prior to the concert.

Dscn0393Make your reservation for our next post-concert party: e-mail us

What to bring: Wine or non-alcoholic beverage and food to serve 12.

Suggestions for food: appetizers — hummus, shrimp, crab or artichoke dip, deviled eggs, mini-quiche, sushi, salads of all kinds — green, fruit, grain, marinated vegetables, pasta, potato, desserts of all kinds — brownies, pies, cheesecake, cookies, tortes, a special creation. Bring your own serving utensils, please.

Directions to party: Our party sites change from concert to concert. The site for this concert will be given to you at time of confirmation of food and beverage.