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Since our founding in 1948, we have presented…

  • 1,035 Musicians & Soloists
  • 428 Amazing Concerts and
  • 74 Seasons…

Welcome to our 75th Season!

A musical feast featuring the premiers of seven commissioned works by renowned composers and performed by brilliant musicians – an unforgettable experience!

• Southern Theatre
• April 1 , 2023 @ 7:00 pm

Calidore String Quartet has been praised by The New York Times for its “deep reserves of virtuosity and irrepressible dramatic instinct.”…MORE»

• Southern Theatre
• May 6 , 2023 @ 7:00 pm

“We love this messiness. We play in living rooms, large halls, galleries, schools, theaters and crypts. There are very few places we don’t feel at home.” MORE»

For our 75th season, to celebrate our commissioned composers, we’ve created an e-book titled “Reflections” for you to spend a few delightful minutes with each of them. You’ll get an intimate look into the creative energy and inspiration that spurs them to new heights of excellence. Click the image to read it.

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