• Anthony McGill and Anna Polonsky

    Anthony McGill and Anna Polonsky

Some Moving Thoughts and
Music From One of Our Favorite Guest Artists

As we’ve watched the US struggle with both a pandemic and a wave of protests against racial inequality, we’re reminded of two things: the ability of music to heal us and help us grieve, and music’s ability to give voice to give to difficult truths and painful emotions.
Local arts organizations, including Chamber Music Columbus, have struggled with how to move forward in an uncertain future. Much anticipated concerts were canceled on short notice and questions remain about when it will be safe for us all to gather again for live concerts.

Anthony McGill

One of the concerts we were particularly sad to cancel was a recital by Anthony McGill and Anna Polonsky. Polonsky is an amazing pianist with strong local ties and McGill serves as Principal Clarinet for the New York Philharmonic…the first African American to hold a principal post with that orchestra. And we were excited that some Columbus City school students would be able to see these inspiring musicians. Luckily for CMColumbus, McGill is among the canceled artists who have agreed to reschedule with us for next season.

In recent weeks, Anthony McGill was among the many musicians who took to the internet to connect with audiences and to give voice to those difficult truths and painful emotions. His performance of “America the Beautiful” was posted as #TakeTwoKnees and inspired an outpouring of videos from other musicians in response.  Watch Anthony McGill’s performance »

Chamber Music Columbus believes that diversity makes us and our art form richer, more expressive and more powerful. We can only become our best selves…as artists, as audiences and as humans…when we are free to pursue our lives, our liberties and our art in safety and in full recognition of our common humanity.


Ucelli is another central Ohio ensemble we love! This all-cello, all-female quartet is made of members of the Columbus Symphony and ProMusica Chamber Orchestras. Their new album Four Women is Mark Lomax II’s musical biography of four black women who fought for social justice and equal rights. It pays tribute Nzinga, Queen of Angola (1583-1663) Ida B. Wells Barnett (1862-1931) Angela Davis (born 1944) and Cimada Ngozi Adichie. Read WOSU interview »

The King’s Singers
The King’s Singers performed at the Southern Theatre on November 18, 2006 and here is look at their latest prophetic and inspiring project featuring songs societies have used to come together and find a voice. Behind the scenes clips combine with their lush harmonies will leave you wanting more.

And So It Goes – Stay At Home Choir with The King’s Singers
A collaborative ‘social distancing’ performance that will soothe the soul of all who have been separted from friends and family the past few months.

Chamber Brews
Chamber Brews is a collaborative chamber music project that features some of the best and most creative musicians in Columbus. The organization combines great music and intelligent conversation alongside beer, food, and coffee. Enjoy Sarah Hansen and Chamber Brews Co-Founder Elisabeth Jeremica tackle Béla Bartok’s 18 Cello Duos.

National Chamber Music Month featured VIVO Music Festival!
This group has the goal of energizing musical culture in Columbus, rethinking the ways live music can integrate with daily contemporary life, and providing a space for generations of young, native Ohioan musicians to return home for an annual collaboration to give back to the community that nurtured them. Enjoy this throwback from their fourth season: