Quartetto Gelato Skips Dinner And Goes Straight To Dessert
Source: WOSU – Apr 2019

A classical music concert is often like a meal – appetizer, main course, side dishes and, if you’re lucky, some scrumptious dessert at the end. But at concerts of the eclectic classical chamber ensemble Quartetto Gelato, you get to skip the meal and go straight to dessert.

Quartetto Gelato oboist, acrobat and Celtic fiddler Colin Maier credits the quartet’s founder, violinist and tenor Peter De Sotto, with setting the group on this calorie-friendly course.

“You watch a concert, and then you wait to the very end when the encore comes on to hear the fun stuff, like the dessert,” Maier said in a recent phone interview. “Peter said, ‘Why can’t it all be fun, dessert-type music?’”

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